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The FLC Photo Album

Overseers Day of Recollection 2005

Pentecost Celebration June 2003 @ Thompson's


Overseers Visit Width the Bishop



Anniversary Mass May 2003


Mike Cumbie and Father Blanda         Fr. Bryce Sibley April 13, 03

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FLC Way of the Cross

Two pictures from the recent FLC Teen Night at Victoria LeBlanc's. Pictured in the group
shot are: (front, left to right) Victoria LeBlanc, Brandi Hebert, Theresa Lege, Regan Sanner and
Leah Patout; (back, left to right) Sarah Bourgeois, Christie Melebeck,Erin Bertrand, Hillary Touchet,
Katie Bellergeron (sp?) and Jada Griffin.Not pictured are Carl Songne and Max Koch.  .


Workday Fun Clearing Hurricane Damage 3/1/03

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Saturday night Sabbath Meal

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Misc. Pics from Steve


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Father Habetz speaking on prayer at the 1/19 General Assembly.

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Here are a couple of shots of the fun at Steve's on New Years Eve.

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